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Reasons to keep your landline phone if u are thinking of goi

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Reasons to keep your landline phone if u are thinking of going "All Wireless"
Stress the reliability of Verizon's network.
Talk a little bit about having a backup in case the cell phone is lost
the battery dies. Let them know that they can have their cell phone
directly on the home phone bill.

When a customer indicates they want to take their Verizon Landline TN
use on their cellular service
Help educate the customer what using only a cell service REALLY Means:

· 911 doesn't work from a cell
· No collect calls
· What about DSL/Internet Connections?
· No Directory Listings
· Unlimited incoming on your landline
· Quality/Reception/Transmission
· Need Unlimited LD? we have that "Freedom" Pkg
· Alarm Systems require landlines
· Hard for multiple family members to use one phone no extensions
· Battery needs to be charged
· What if phone is lost?
· Privacy
· Calling 800# uses airtime
· NO DA allowance like Verizon
· Have a home business?
· Cost? ? Cell is not cheap
· No Lifeline Discount
· Phone gets hot on long calls
What if you lose the charger?
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I'm a little confused because most of the stuff in the first post is totally incorrect. Like not being able to call 911 from a cell? HA!

Anyway, been wireless for about a year with Nextel. Never had a single problem. Wireless is the way to go. It's also a good reason to get rid of dial up internet service. :shock: Cable modem is the best!
Deuce said:
I think he meant 911 calls from a cell go to SP whereas landline 911 (E911) goes directly to local dispatch w/ name&address on the dispatch screen..
That's not true everywhere fortunately. In Illinois you go to closest PSAP as you would in many other states which is the way it should be everywhere. Being routed to the State police is not universal.
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