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Reasons to keep your landline phone if u are thinking of goi

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Reasons to keep your landline phone if u are thinking of going "All Wireless"
Stress the reliability of Verizon's network.
Talk a little bit about having a backup in case the cell phone is lost
the battery dies. Let them know that they can have their cell phone
directly on the home phone bill.

When a customer indicates they want to take their Verizon Landline TN
use on their cellular service
Help educate the customer what using only a cell service REALLY Means:

· 911 doesn't work from a cell
· No collect calls
· What about DSL/Internet Connections?
· No Directory Listings
· Unlimited incoming on your landline
· Quality/Reception/Transmission
· Need Unlimited LD? we have that "Freedom" Pkg
· Alarm Systems require landlines
· Hard for multiple family members to use one phone no extensions
· Battery needs to be charged
· What if phone is lost?
· Privacy
· Calling 800# uses airtime
· NO DA allowance like Verizon
· Have a home business?
· Cost? ? Cell is not cheap
· No Lifeline Discount
· Phone gets hot on long calls
What if you lose the charger?
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I agree sprint does suck!!!!! and I found out about the 911 thing the hard way. Now if I do have to dial 911 I tell them immediatly That I need the Boston Police or whatever town I happen to be in. I do agree that it does lengthen the response time. About a month ago I was driving home from work and shots rangout . I called 911 finally got Boston P.D. then like halfway thru lost my carrier had to call again and explain to the S.P. and get conected to Boston again. I don't think going all wireless is the best way to go, for me anyway.
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