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Published: October 11, 2008 05:45 am ShareThisPrintThis
Rape suspect barred from campus
By Julie Manganis
Staff writer

SALEM - A Salem State College student has been arrested and barred from campus after he was accused of rape by a fellow student.
Luis Moreta, 18, of Lawrence pleaded not guilty to the charge during his arraignment in Salem District Court yesterday.
Campus police filed the charges against Moreta.
Prosecutors did not seek bail for Moreta, who was released on the condition that he stay away from the campus and from the woman who filed the complaint while the case is pending. The two knew each other. He was also ordered to report once a week by telephone to a probation officer and will have to wear a GPS ankle bracelet, a requirement under the law.
A probable cause hearing in the case is scheduled for Nov. 10.

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Oh come on now!!!
It's a state school! Nothing bad happens there! Why can't the Dean of Students just sit down with the Victim(alleged) and Perpetrator and work things out? Now it's made the papers and the parents might get upset!
The damn administration better get a handle on those Campus Cops! Revoke their SSPO powers and please don't mention MGL CH73/s.18 or CH15A/s.22
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