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Raleigh police arrest man pretending to be one of them

Discussion in 'Police Impersonation News' started by kwflatbed, Apr 15, 2012.

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    Raleigh, N.C. - Raleigh police arrested Meredith Cromartie, 19, Wednesday and charged him with impersonating a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest.
    He is being held in the Wake County Jail under a $2,500 bond.Search warrants for Cromartie's home and Facebook page show that he posed as a Raleigh police officer on several occasions.
    Investigators say they found a badge in his home and his Facebook profile work history lists the FBI and the...

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  2. LGriffin

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    This is the type of crap that happens when you give a boy a girls name.

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    You have to make up for that demasculization somehow.
  4. Johnny Law

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    "Hey Meredith, we're going to get some beers and go drag race and hook up with some girls our age, want to go?"

    "No, I have to do fem and emo things associated with having a chick's first name, even though I'm a guy. I think anyway, let me check." Pulls open front of pants. "Yup, I'm a little guy"
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  5. Didn't anyone learn a thing from Johnny Cash. ;)

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