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Railroad attacked for ordering children off trains

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's national railway company has come under
fire from passenger groups after inspectors ordered children off trains
because they did not have the right tickets.

Deutsche Bahn has apologized for the embarrassing incidents that made
headlines across the country.

In the fourth such expulsion in three weeks, a 12-year-old schoolgirl was
made to leave a train an hour's ride from home because she could not pay
a 40 euro ($50) fine.

"It is purely foolish to react in such a way," said Karl-Peter Naumann,
director of the passenger organization Pro Bahn. "Banishing them from the
train is inhumane and causes unnecessary problems."

German newspapers had already condemned Deutsche Bahn on Tuesday
after a 14-year-old was told to leave a train because her ticket was only
valid later in the day.

Earlier, a 13-year-old and a 12-year-old were also forced to leave trains.

One child had to carry her cello 5 km (3 miles) home in the dark while the
other was left on a platform with no money or mobile phone.

Wednesday, Deutsche Bahn said all ticket inspectors would have to sign
an agreement promising not to banish children from trains if traveling

"Everybody should know that it is unacceptable to throw children off the
train," a spokesman told the TAZ daily.;_ylt=AvkuLSJZCC2q7sn0fTcDRtESH9EA
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