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Pair allegedly harassed black woman

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A tirade of racial slurs against a black woman early yesterday morning ended with one of her verbal assailants toppling beneath a car while trying to block the woman and her boyfriend from driving away, according to police.

The man suffered two broken legs, police said.

Police gave the following account of the confrontation at Honey Farms, 241 Grove St.:

woman refused their advances, and at one point Mr. Polydores directed racial slurs and then grabbed her inappropriately, police said. The woman's pants were torn, police said.

Both men were told by the clerk to leave the store, but they waited outside.

"She went out to her car where her boyfriend was," Detective Capt. Edward J. McGinn Jr. said. "They set upon the boyfriend, kicked dents into his car and spat at him and his girlfriend."

The captain said racial slurs were directed at the couple, who are both black.

"(The boyfriend) tried to drive away several times, but they blocked his car," Capt. McGinn said.

Mr. Griffin jumped on the hood of the car and threatened the boyfriend, police said.

"He fell off the hood, then under the wheels, and was run over," the captain said.

Both of Mr. Griffin's legs were broken and one of his ears was injured.

The boyfriend then drove off and the woman went inside the store. The clerk locked the door behind her.

When police arrived, they found Mr. Polydores standing near his friend. He continued to scream at the woman and made a cutting motion across his neck, police said.

"If I only had a burner," he said, according to police. A burner is street language for a handgun. Police were standing nearby as the alleged threat was made, the captain said.

Mr. Polydores was arrested.

Mr. Griffin was taken to a city hospital, where he remained yesterday, according to police. The woman's boyfriend returned to the store later and spoke with police.

Mr. Polydores, who was in Worcester Superior Court Monday for a pending gun and drug case, was held without bail yesterday in Central District Court when his bail on the Superior Court case was revoked.

He is facing charges of incident assault and battery on a person over 14, civil rights violations, defacing private property of another, witness intimidation, disturbing the peace, being a disorderly person and resisting arrest, in Central District Court. Arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 18. A judge set bail at $8,000 in the district court case.

Mr. Griffin will be charged in the case, but investigators are still determining what charges he will face.

Traffic Division Lt. Timothy P. Walsh said the case is still under investigation.
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