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R/I Questions

Discussion in 'Reserve / Auxiliary' started by MD4996, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. MD4996

    MD4996 MassCops Member

    I searched through the other forums and I was not able to find the answers to my questions, so I figured I would ask.

    Does the 315 hour reserve academy certification transfer to any other states?

    Are there any full time LE jobs you can do with the reserve certification?

    Thank you
  2. MiamiVice

    MiamiVice MassCops Member

    If you have an associates or higher degree + the RI Academy you do qualify for special state police powers which is how private colleges get their police authority in MA. Back in the day I worked with a bunch of guys like that, not sure if any schools will still hire you like that though.

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  3. MD4996

    MD4996 MassCops Member

    Thank you, I will be getting my bachelors in a couple years and I am going to start working as an intermittent officer in a few months. Do you know anything about becoming a special state police officer?

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