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First things first..Sign up to take the Civil Service Test in April. AND STUDY!! Trying to be a Police Officer in MA is like chewing on broken glass.....

It's great to have a Criminal Justice Degree obviously, but a Business degree is right up there and will help you out more so if you decide to change your mind again in the near future. I have my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and My BA in Business. I'm also going back for my Masters in Law. As many people can tell you on this site, being a PO is hard work and many people get burt like I said.. it's only going to help you if you have something to fall back on. Plus.. there's nothing like a police officer that knows the law first hand. They're a MAJOR help!

Depending on the department.., SD or a PD.... the training requires different things. Most places you have to put in your time first and then apply to be a K-9 officer. There is a lot of and your dog HAVE to work together and that's sometimes tough to find a good match. But it's a great position and the dogs are awesome!

As of right now most departments do not require you to have a college degree, it basically just helps you...knowledge, pay rate, etc.But as like with any college you do not get a specific "break" just because you want to be a police officer. There are grants and student loans you could take out to help you.

Becoming an officer is a great feeling if thats what you really want to do. Most people that want to be a PO have wanted it forever....So it's hard to say in your case. I'd say stick with what your doing and see what you get on the test..also you can see if your local PD does civilian ride alongs.. that's always a pretty good idea as to the day in the life of a police officer.

Please be advised.... People DO NOT like police officers...people like fireman, you are a constant target, the hours are crazy, you learn real quick that no ones honest anymore, you tend to see everyone at their worst, people WILL shoot at you, they WILL do what they can to hurt you, the pay ins't always the greatest for what you do on a daily basis, and kiss all those family holidays goodbye, cause you'll be working when everyone else is at home having a good time, the shit you see will boggle your mind and tend to become very thick skinned....this is a highly stressful position. But remember.... and I was always told what is said after the BUT means much more than what was said's one of the most rewarding jobs you can find. You're helping make this crazy World a better place, and as much as things suck out there, which they DO!, you're one of the good guys~

I'd say put some real thought into it...take the test, research the ride alongs, talk to PO's both young and old (you'll get some great opinions), and I hope you're in Shape! lol

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