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HousingCop said:
C.90 should not be a revenue enhancing tool for the Commonwealth. It is there to teach speeders and other snapperheads the error of their ways. A good $50 V or warning should suffice. You know they do have a warning box to check on there as well. Hammering a guy for $300 for speeding on the Pike or 495 is counterproductive when we are trying to be a kinder, gentler police force.

Every party I go to I hear some jerk state ".........the cop hammered me for speeding and fined me X amount. Can you believe it?" Yes I do believe it. This would be the same guy who would come to the aid of a PO in trouble at the side of the road but now drives on by while the PO gets pummeled. I can see why they would just drive on by now with all the nitwit cops who excessively fine motorists.
So now we're basing our policing on whether or not we will get roadside assistance from a violator? I am not sure what police force is "trying to be kinder and gentler" but it is a mistake. I have seen a MAJOR attitude shift in the 7 years I have been a cop, it seems like people have little respect for law enforcement and EXPECT a warning, when before they were grateful. The last few years I have also seen an increase in people cursing at, generally disrespecting and assaulting cops...

Not to mention the bizarre logic that a citizen that got a speeding ticket will watch a cop get beaten as "revenge".

Sounds like you go to parties with a bunch of jerks.
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