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MT1 hit the nail on the head. 98% of the people I stop get the full boat. At least in this area's largest Court, reductions are common and I know it. I am not going to reduce $300 to $150 so the judge can drop it to $50. Forget the Merit Rating Board surcharge, if you can walk away from a $300 fine for $50 who's laughing at who? Alot of times simply pulling alongside "John Q Citizen" going 10 - 15 over the limit during rush hour (or my favorite-the rolling speed limit parade for 15 miles!) results in them slowing right down and it ends there. This action of course precludes vehicles which I may feel deserve a closer look. As for altering a citation, thats a new one on me in the last 16 years. When LIDAR & VASCAR were invented, citations had no listing for that and I routinely wrote it in over Radar. Anyone remember citations that didn't list a box for 90-18? I wrote that in over the 90-17 box then too. Aren't those examples of "altering a citation"?
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