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If I'm asking to many questions, it's simple:
Tell me to STFU... (I hear that from the bride almost daily) :D

But this Forum has been a little too quiet for my taste lately...
Those of us looking into corrections can benefit from you boys on the job and those of you that have moved on.
So lets get that good chatter going that we had here a few months back. :thumbup:

Promotions. In order to get promoted, you must take a CS test first right?
Once promoted, does that reduce your 1 on 1 exposure to inmates, or does that component still exist?
Does a promotion remove you from the OT pool like it does in the private sector? Meaning: Mgt. does not qualify for OT.
How many years does the average CO work before vying for Sgt, and a Sgt to Lt?
Are there political (I know this sounds naïve) obstructions to getting promoted? Meaning, if you know the right person or kissed the right ass you will be promoted, but if you're a no nonsense, business only CO you might find it more difficult without the political connections?

Thanks boys and Stay Safe, KK
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