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MONTREAL - Laval police are to blame for the death of an officer in December 2005, the province's commission on workplace health and safety says.
This comes after the same police department was involved in a botched raid - in 2007 - that resulted in another police officer's death and the acquittal of the shooter.
In a release Wednesday on the Dec. 14, 2005 shooting of officer Valerie Gignac, the commission cited "inappropriate intervention techniques" and an "improper analysis of the situation" as the root causes of the young officer's death."
Officer Gignac was shot and killed while responding to a noise complaint at the Laval home of Francois Pepin. She was 25.
Pepin had been arguing with his landlord when police were called to the building. He refused to open the door to police, after they identified themselves to the occupants of the apartment. Police then tried to kick open the door and Pepin fired a shot through the door, hitting Gignac. The bullet pierced her protective vest.
Pepin pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was given a life sentence in May.
In its report, the commission said Laval police didn't properly assess the danger of the situation and should not have kicked open the door with a police officer standing in front of it.
The commission also warned Laval police they must train all officers in proper intervention techniques, a demand the department has since complied with.
Last month, a jury found another man, Basil Parasiris, not guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of another Laval police officer during a raid on his home on March 2, 2007.
Const. Daniel Tessier was one of nine officers who entered Parasiris' home looking for cocaine.
Tessier was shot by Parasiris, who testified he had no idea it was the police who had broken into his home. Parasiris' wife gave the same testimony.
The judge in the case criticized the Laval police, saying they had no evidence they would have found a large quantity of drugs in Parasiris' home.
Parasiris was never charged with drug trafficking after the raid.
The judge also ruled the warrant used in the raid was a violation of Parasiris' Charter right protecting Canadians against an abusive search and seizure, and any evidence seized in its execution was inadmissible.
The Crown has said it will not appeal the acquittal.
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