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Q&A: What is the best Martial Art for Law Enforcement? - So you wanna be a cop?

Discussion in 'Law Enforcement Education & Training Questions' started by the42cop, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Many departments were shelling out settlement money on perfectly legitimate uses of force, because their policy was written in an overtly complicated or restrictive manner. No policy can take into account all of the possible scenarios encountered by our brothers and sisters in blue. Over the years it has become obvious that it was the way a policy was written that led to so many use of force lawsuits or complaints. Some of the old school policies would be pages and pages long and basically said if suspect a does b then officer c should do D. They failed to account for some of the insanity out there so when an officer would come across something and handled it in a manner that was perfectly legal and justified, he or she could still be violating policy. This actually wasn't the intention of the policy makers and they found themselves shelling out because after all... Their officer violated policy.

    The new push for use of force policies (at least in my state) is to basically say the officer will use whatever level of force deemed reasonable and then evaluates each use of force in a case by case bases. It has cut down having to shell out needlessly on lawsuits, because MOST of the time, uses of force ARE completely reasonable. If they fall outside those boundaries, there are issues lol

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    That's cool but I'm sure it'll take MA 20 years to catch up to current trends as we always seem to be living in yesteryear when it comes to policing here.
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    Here we have a dept full of cops who are fighters, and many have their own schools. I study Judo and grappling, good stuff. I was also thinking about checking the Gracie L.E stuff, its looks like good training.

    Stay safe
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