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CQB Arms, a licensed manufacturer of firearms in the state of MA has designed and is in the processes of patent applications for a projectile based energy weapon system.
The system in question launches reusable and disposeable projectiles, which on contact discharge over 30,000 volts of electricity to the intended subject –effectively incapacitating said individual so that they may be subdued by the appropriate authorities.

This technology is being designed for less lethal military and law enforcement applications.
The application distance will range from 0 to 300 feet, with the potential for greater distances based on modifications to the delivery technology.
CQB Arms is also developing this same projectile system for other brand launchers such as Daystate, PepperBall, FN, and other larger systems in 37 and 40mm.

The delivery system, projectile technology, charging system, concept, design and intellectual property should all be considered part of the work product that is being submitted for patent.
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