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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Sydney, Australia, undertaker who harassed a female driver by following her in a hearse with tinted windows has a mental health problem, a magistrate has been told.

Adam Lee should be placed on a psychiatric treatment plan, his lawyer Roland Bonnici told the Downing Centre Local Court during sentencing submissions Tuesday.
Lee, 37, of inner-city Surry Hills, was found guilty earlier this year of disqualified driving, drink driving, driving in a menacing manner and not obeying police instructions.
Lee had claimed a fellow funeral employee had been driving the hearse late one night in December 2004 when Maureen Wyer was followed.
Bonnici said Lee was convicted and fined $15,000 last month for two fraud matters dating back to November 2001.
He said the offenses related to a wrong body being cremated and another being buried, and bills being sent out to each family.
Police prosecutor Sergeant Paul McGirr, referring to Bonnici's contention Lee's driving had almost been a cry for help, said: "The only cry for help was the one from Maureen Wyer in respect to being followed by a hearse."

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