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Psych Test for the DOC

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Those of you that have taken the 600 question psych test, can you fill us in on what type of questions they were and how it is formatted? Thanks.
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They were just basic like:

When I'm in a room of people I don't know I
A. Tend to keep to myself
B. Jump right in and start up a conversation
c. Want to go home

The ask you the same question like 10 diffeent times but word it differently with different choses. That's what I remember. Nothing to be overly concerned with. I think they are just trying to get a base line on your personality for when you go to the psychologist. When I went to see the psych. he looked at me and asked have you ever been on psych meds and have you every received psychological counseling. He then said well everything looked fine on your psych test and have a good day.
Thanks WMP...
Anytime and good luck hope to see you in one of the classes.
My physche lasted about 3 minutes. He said he was concerned with my answer on a question that said "Do you sometimes have a loss of appetite?" I answered yes. I told him when I'm not hungry I don't have a appetite. He laughed and said alot of people answered it that way. Some of the questions are out right weird. "I sometimes wish I were born a woman?" , "I am evil", "I believe someone is trying to poison me?" Kinda goofy.
I assume Dog the correct answers are No, No, and No (although what about mother-in-laws cooking?)...
Dogma - hang in there bro. your almost halfway there...

You'll be in before me WMP.. I havent taken the latest round of exams yet.
But the next one that is scheduled; I am there... Good luck to you too pal!
Funny on how this was brought up. I was also called back to meet with the Psych Dr. It had something to do with ghost's. It was a while ago so I can't remenber the question. Turns out after the Dr re-read the question, I checked the wrong answer. Worried as hell, I thought I was all done. I did get hired a few weeks later.

There was a lot of questions and after a while they start to sound a like.
I'd like to suggest taking your time so you don't lose valuable time going back to answer questions with the doctor. Because that just means other people are moving ahead of you in the hiring process. Time means every thing in the DOC.
I remember going to Newton Square in Worcester to talk to a shrink and a girl I interviewed with was there. She was moving and was pissed off and was going to give them a piece of her mind because she had to wait. I told her that probably was not a good idea seeing they were checking for aggressiveness. She got hired and then quit.
600 questionf for the DOC, yet only 300 for MSP hmmm that seems a little silly
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