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APPLICATION PERIOD: 3/18/05 - 3/25/05 (REPOST)
TITLE OF POSITION: Environmental Criminal Investigator 1 (DEM)
SALARY RANGE: 326A/$37,181 - $42,943 Annually
DIVISION: Office of Criminal Investigation
Assignment(s)/Comments: *Candidates previously applied need not apply.
Shift and Days: Monday - Friday
Job Location: Providence
Union Affiliation: Council 94, Local 2881

DUTIES/RESPONSIBLITIES: Within the Department of Environmental Management, to be responsible for the investigating and assisting in the investigation of violations of the criminal statutes relating to the protection of the environment, including but not limited to the Hazardous Waste Management Act, the Refuse Disposal Act, the Water Pollution statutes and any other rule, regulation and state statute relating to the environment subject to regulation and enforcement by the Department; to apprehend and assist in the prosecution of persons and/or companies in violation of such statutes; to assist in the preparation of cases for court presentation and to appear in court and give testimony; and to do related work as required.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: (A class specification describing the duties of the position and the minimum qualifications will be furnished upon request.) EDUCATION: Such as may have been gained through: graduation from a college of recognized standing with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, Environmental Sciences or a closely related discipline; and EXPERIENCE: Such as may have been gained through: extensive employment of at least three years in the position of a law enforcement officer with a public or federal law enforcement agency. OR, any combination of education and experience that shall be substantially equivalent to the above education and experience. Applicants with multi-lingual language preferred. SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Conditions for appointment: Must possess a Motor Vehicle Operator's License issued by the State of Rhode Island. Must meet the State of Rhode Island qualification requirements to carry weapons used in the performance of duty and must maintain such qualification requirements as a condition of employment. Must, at the time of application and thereafter, continually meet all requirements that are necessary for entry into the Municipal Police Training Academy (i.e. hearing, vision, fitness, etc.). Must be certified by the State of Rhode Island Commission on Standards and Training (Chapter 42-28.2 of the General Laws of Rhode Island, as amended) to be evidenced by graduation from the Municipal Police Training Academy. In accordance with RIGL §42-28.3-1, no person shall be appointed in any capacity until they shall have been evaluated and tested by a certified psychologist specified by the Director of the Department of Environmental Management and receive a satisfactory rating. The psychologist shall provide a report in writing of his/her evaluation, together with pertinent recommendations, for the guidance of the appointing authority. Must, at the time of application and continually thereafter, be free from any and all felony convictions.

Office of Human Resources
235 Promenade Street
Room 350
Providence, RI 02908
Telephone: 401-222-2774
Fax: 401-222-6174
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