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Update: Officer shoot, kills man bayoneting woman

6:47 PM Mon, Jul 28, 2008 | Permalink
Brandie Jefferson Email

Journal photo / Bob Thayer
The home at 25 Pennsylvania Ave. Providence, the scene of the fatal shooting by a city police officer responding to a call.

PROVIDENCE -- A city police officer shot and killed a man this morning who police said was stabbing a woman with a bayonet.
Police officers this afternoon identified the officer as Patrolman John S. Abatiello, who was described earlier today as a "seasoned senior" member of the force.
The man who was killed was identified by police later today as Eddy Tiburcio, 41, who lived with the woman who was stabbed, Niurka Moronta, 34.
She was treated for wounds to her right shoulder area and right thigh and was released from Rhode Island Hospital, the police said. She also had contusions to her left eye and head.
At a news conference this morning, Police Chief Dean Esserman said police received a phone call early this morning reporting a disturbance at 25 Pennsylvania Ave. When police arrived at the house, however, no one answered the door.
Then, between 7:30 and 8 a.m., police received another call from the same house, Esserman said. This time, responding officers were met by the couple's three children, ages 3, 4 and 7.
An updated police statement issued later today said Abatiello arrived at the residence, knocked on the door and, again, no one answered. He heard yelling coming from inside the house and kept knocking until three small boys, visibly upset, opened the door.
One boy indicated his parents were in a room down a hallway.
Abatiello heard a woman screaming and a man yelling from behind a locked bedroom door. Abatiello called for backup, according to the police statement, and he repeatedly identified himself while knocking on the bedroom door.
The woman's screaming grew more intense, and Abatiello forced open the door. He saw the woman lying on the bed, bleeding from her upper torso.
A man was kneeling on the bed. He held a large bayonet.
Abatiello drew his gun and repeatedly ordered the suspect to drop the bayonet, according to the police. But the man raised the bayonet higher in a threatening way.
"Believing that the suspect was about to stab the woman, the officer fired one shot striking the suspect, who then fell to the floor," the statement said.
-- staff writer Brandie M. Jefferson, Journal staff writer Gregory Smith and staff writer Michael P. McKinney

A rescue was called for the suspect and the stabbing victim.

Esserman said the department will follow protocol, which involves putting Abatiello on administrative duty. The police statement later today said the facts of the case will be reviewed by the state attorney general's office.
The police said the children were turned over to the state Department of Children, Youth and Families.
"An officer saved a family's life this morning but had to take a life to do that," Esserman said when the shooting was first announced this morning.

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Nice shoot Officer Abatiello. You were obviously the right cop at the right time. Too many cops are indecisive....this man wasn't and a woman lived because of it. Know your job and know it well. Quick action is effortless when you are proficient at what you do. Sorry, just a little beat down by too many cops "looking away" when there is action to be taken.
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