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Update: Providence officer shoots, kills man
11:34 AM Mon, Jul 28, 2008 | Permalink
Brandie Jefferson Email
PROVIDENCE -- A Providence police officer responding to a domestic disturbance shot and killed a man this morning.

"An officer saved a family's life this morning but had to take a life to do that," Chief Dean Esserman said this morning.

Police received a 911 call just before 8 a.m. today reporting the disturbance, Esserman said.

When officers arrived at the house they were greeted by young children at the door, Esserman said.

He said that a patrolman had to stop a man from attacking a woman, and in the process, the man was shot and killed.

Esserman was speaking at what was supposed to be a police promotion ceremony. The ceremony was postponed until 2 p.m. today so that Esserman can hold a news conference regarding the shooting.

"Under no circumstances will we cancel today's ceremony," he said.

The family of the victim had been meeting with detectives, social workers and loved ones, Esserman said.

Esserman said he will release more details at the news conference later this morning.

-- staff writer Brandie M. Jefferson, with reports from Journal staff writer Gregory Smith
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