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Sergeant Dennis O'Brien and Officer Matthew Jennette are honored by Providence police with the title "Officer of the month."

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) - Providence police are honoring two men with the title officer of the month.
These officers maintain as long as they are on the streets the bad guys will lose every time. Their dedication to combat crime took two guns off the streets and earned them title officers of the month.
Sergeant Dennis O'Brien and Officer Matthew Jennette don't usually work together. But on a night in late August the two team up working overtime because of an increase in violent crime.
At the corner of Harris and Atwells a gold Pathfinder catches their eye.
"It was a vehicle that caught our attention. It was driving at a high rate of speed, "says Sgt. O'Brien.
Reporter: "What did you think?"
"Something good. Lights, sirens but the driver does not stop," replied Officer Jennette.
"We put our lights on and just accelerated onto the onramp of Route 10," says Sgt. O'Brien"
On Route ten, in the dead of night, the driver brakes. The rear passenger door opens and one of the suspects jumps out and starts running. Officer Jeannette chases the guy across the highway onto the median where he tackles him and hits the jackpot.
"After I cuff him and roll him over two guns fall out of his waistband they are a 9 millimeter and a 45 caliber, both loaded," says Officer Jennette.
The driver hits the gas going a little faster than 70 miles per hour, but Sergeant O'Brien is determined not to let him get away. The driver and passenger jump out in Cranston, hop the jersey barrier and disappear into the woods.
Sgt. O'Brien chases the suspects over a fence, tearing his shirt up. The two are quickly cuffed. For their quick eye and action the Providence Police Department named both men officers of the month.
Although they're being recognized, they say their work is what the men and women of the Providence Police department do every day.
Sgt. Obrien broke a bone in his hand during the chase through the woods. He will be back on the streets in mid-October.
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