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Providence Police Hiring

Discussion in 'Rhode Island' started by blue1stand9, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. blue1stand9

    blue1stand9 MassCops Member

  2. GMass

    GMass Guest

    Providence and Bristol pay minimum wage in the academy. You do NOT graduate with a job in Providence - eventually they'll call you to work. EP is pretty pro-active and down a lot of bodies, you'll gain seniority quickly. Cranston PD is top-notch and they pay you OT in the academy.
  3. MajorRawls

    MajorRawls MassCops Member

    I didn't see the application on the PPD website. Called HR and they stated there is no hiring process right now. I asked about that link posted above, they said that "shouldn't be posted" on the city website. HR said all hiring announcements will be on the city's website.
  4. JP1209PA

    JP1209PA MassCops Member

    Providence is recruiting now.... I applied, but then saw that they only pay MINIMUM WAGE while in the Academy. So I probably will opt out from testing... The other PDs listed of course... Recruitment has expired, obviously since this was an active thread in Feb.
  5. JP1209PA

    JP1209PA MassCops Member

    True. When I lived in Pennsylvania, I paid for the Academy on my own and worked another job on the side. Although it was a PT academy spread out over the course of 11 months. But then again, this was PA and I was making a lot more than minimum wage... Ha.

    A cool $7.75/hour and no guarantee of having a job when you complete Academy? I guess the only plus side is that after graduating Academy, you would be RI certified and could apply for other departments? Unless you are bound to an agreement with Providence?

    That brings up another thought... Are there any members that have multiple state certifications?
  6. HuskyH-2

    HuskyH-2 G-Rap made me do it!

    That's nice to say, but alot people have financial responsibilities that can't bear the loss in pay.
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  7. JP1209PA

    JP1209PA MassCops Member

    Especially living in MA!
  8. GMass

    GMass Guest

    I'd say even the most desperate "beggar" needs a checkup from the neck-up if they leave any job for PPD when you're not guaranteed a job after graduation. This isn't MSP or any of the number of RI agencies who pull the shit-pay in the academy scheme but you have a guaranteed raise and decent income upon graduation. Literally there is a very high likelihood that you will graduate then have to immediately go to the unemployment office (where your unemployment will be based on the minimum wage you were just making).
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  9. Herrdoktor

    Herrdoktor MassCops Member

    Minimum wage + no guarantee of the job is pretty fucking rough imo.
  10. Herrdoktor

    Herrdoktor MassCops Member

    Call me crazy, but I don't think Police officers (even cadets) should be making less money than McDonalds employees.
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  11. blue1stand9

    blue1stand9 MassCops Member

    Application deadline is extended until May 31, for whoever is interested.
  12. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Police departments can afford to pay poverty wages to n00bs because there's no lack of applicants.

    I took a serious pay cut when I went to my current department, but once I had a few years on, I far eclipsed what I was making at my former job.
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  13. Edmizer1

    Edmizer1 MassCops Member

    In the next several years, we may be seeing a turn around from people taking the Mass police job as a calling or as a steady career. Last year, I taught a module to recruits that was near the end of a full-time academy. I went to drop off the paperwork to the academy director one day and one of the recruits was leaving his office in civilian clothes. The academy director told me that the recruit had just quit. He told me that the recruit had no issues in the academy and was going to a city PD which is the career he had alaways wanted. The kid was a trained airplane mechanic and well paid for his skill. He told the director that he was concerned about the direction the field was going and believed that he was better off at his old job than becoming a cop.
  14. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Sounds like someone I wouldn't want to go to a hot call with, anyway.
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  15. HuskyH-2

    HuskyH-2 G-Rap made me do it!

    Why's that?
  16. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    I'm not big on quitters.
  17. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    Providence is a WHOLE other world!
  18. Macop

    Macop Subscribing Member

    Sounds like he was getting along fine in the academy. He simply made a decision that was better for him which you can't fault him for. He certainly doesn't sound like a quitter.
  19. HousingCop

    HousingCop Czar of Cyncism and Satire

    OK, so he didn't "Quit"...... he "Resigned".
    Like Delta, I am not a big fan of "Resign-ers" either.
    If it is near the end of a full time academy, has feathers, quacks, and walks like a duck, then it's a "Resign-er". They took a slot from somebody who actually deserved it and would have stuck it out to make it their career choice. HC
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  20. niteowl1970

    niteowl1970 Moderator Staff Member

    South Providence is a large diverse community... No issues there except the heavy handed Po-Po.
  21. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    He quit.

    He apparently didn't get thrown out, he decided on his own to quit.

    Therefore, he is a quitter.

    As I said, not someone I want to work with.
  22. Johnny Law

    Johnny Law Nemo me impune lacessit Staff Member

    Well it sounds like the airplane mechanic kid had his head screwed on at least HALF right. I'm concerned the way our field is being torn up. Pretty soon we'll be like the cops in "Demolition Man", leading a joy-joy world, where dickheads like Benjamin Swan try to fine us for swearing at EBT slugs.
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  23. Macop

    Macop Subscribing Member

    I'm only saying there is a difference if you quit because you can't hack it or because you found a better gig. I obviously agree with you if the person quit because they couldn't hack it.
  24. LGriffin

    LGriffin Always Watching

    All things he should have considered before taking up another recruits slot. The job is the job. Rules change but real cops stay the same. Big city or small town it's the same clowns in a different circus. Most cops are leaders and could make a fortune elsewhere but it's not about that.

    I took a huge pay cut to become a cop but ultimately the job was far more rewarding than being a cog in the wheel of big business.
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  25. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    You either want to be a cop, or you don't.
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