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DARTMOUTH - A Providence man will be charged with selling counterfeit goods after police seized almost $2,500 worth of fraudulent merchandise from a Faunce Corner Road store.
Adeleke Michael Demola, 52, will be summonsed to court on the charge, according to Dartmouth Police Lt. Ken Cotta.
The seizure and the charge against Mr. Demola are the culmination of a six-week investigation by the Dartmouth police into operations at Fashion Accessories, the store Mr. Demola managed in the Vanity Fair Outlet at 375 Faunce Corner Road, said Lt. Cotta.
Police allege customers would come into the store and ask Mr. Demola if he had any brand-name items, according to Lt. Cotta. Mr. Demola would then get one of the alleged counterfeits from under a counter or from a store room, said Lt. Cotta.
Neither the store's owners nor its employees had any knowledge of the operation, according to Lt. Cotta.
The handbags and wallets seized from the store had Louis Vuitton and Coach labels but were actually "knock-offs," said Lt. Cotta.
Had the items been real, their value would have been about $23,050, he said.
Powers and Associates, a company that investigates trademark pirating, assisted Dartmouth police in the investigation, which was led by Detective Marc Maynard.
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