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Man must continue psychiatric treatment

By Gary V. Murray and Scott J. Croteau TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF
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WORCESTER- A Wall Street man shot by police after he allegedly fired a pellet gun at officers was placed on probation yesterday in court after admitting to sufficient facts for guilty findings on five counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Central District Court Judge Paul F. LoConto continued the charges without findings for one year, during which time Sean R. Driscoll is to remain on pretrial probation. As conditions of probation, he was ordered to continue undergoing psychiatric treatment and taking his prescribed medications and to remain drug- and alcohol-free.

The continuance without a finding was recommended by Mr. Driscoll's lawyer, Michael M. Monopoli. The charges will be dismissed after one year if Mr. Driscoll, who had no prior criminal record, has no further difficulties with the law. Assistant District Attorney William T. Walsh Jr. recommended guilty findings and probation.

Mr. Driscoll, 34, of 25 Wall St., Apt. 1, was shot during the early morning hours of March 5 in a driveway between 22 and 24 Thorne St. after allegedly firing a pellet gun three times at police officers. Mr. Driscoll appeared in court yesterday in a wheelchair. He was shot in the leg during the March incident.

The five officers involved in the shooting were back on duty a couple of weeks later, after police officials decided their actions were justified.

Mr. Driscoll's wife, Crystal Driscoll, called police around 11:30 p.m. March 4 to report that her husband was acting irrational and had just taken Klonopin and Xanex. Police went to the couple's home and tried to persuade Mr. Driscoll to get into an ambulance.

A firetruck startled Mr. Driscoll, and he ran back inside his apartment, police said. He then allegedly yelled, "I got a gun." Police said they learned he had a pellet gun and a lot of knives inside.

Police got inside the apartment, but Mr. Driscoll fled through a back door. (He allegedly tried to commit suicide in May 2007.)

Around 2:30 a.m. on March 5, Mr. Driscoll returned home and armed himself with knives, an ax and bee repellent, police said. He allegedly told his wife that he planned to sleep in the woods.

An officer said he found Mr. Driscoll on Thorne Street. He ran and police found him on the ground in a driveway between 22 and 24 Thorne St., they said. While on the ground, Mr. Driscoll fired his pellet gun twice at officers, prompting them to shoot back, officers said. About 45 seconds after he was shot, Mr. Driscoll fired his pellet gun one more time at the officers, and three of the five officers returned fire, police said.
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