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Private Parts Glued To Leg
Updated: 11:21, Friday November 04, 2005,,91059-13457852,00.html

A man is suing his ex-lover after she glued his testicles to his leg.
Gail O'Toole also used super-glue on Kenneth Slaby's penis, attaching it to his stomach.
She completed the job by sticking his buttock cheeks together, it is alleged.

Mr Slaby is demanding £17,000 from his former girlfriend for committing "inhumane" acts.

He claims he fell asleep while at her house and awoke to feel a burning sensation around
his genitals.
Mr Slaby, of Pennsylvania, says he was invited to her house because he believed she was
trying to put together their broken relationship.

lolol omg what next!!!
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