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President of Troy, Mo., bank pulls gun, nabs masked robber in parking lot

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J.B. Forbes

People Bank & Trust President David W. Thompson poses on Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012, at the entrance to his Troy, Mo., bank with the sign he put up announcing that the bank allows concealed carry weapons. Thompson always carries a gun. On Tuesday, Thompson stopped a bank robbery by pointing his gun at the robber. Photo by J.B. Forbes, [email protected]

1 hour ago • By Kim Bell [email protected] 314-340-8115

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UPDATED at 11:30 a.m. with charges.
TROY, Mo. • David W. Thompson, the president of a Troy bank, was in his office Tuesday afternoon talking with a salesman about advertising when his receptionist buzzed him with an emergency.
"David, we've got a problem," she told him.
Thompson said he looked out his office window into the bank lobby of Peoples Bank & Trust. He saw that his tellers looked fearful. And he saw a man wearing a heavy jacket and a ghoulish Halloween mask calmly walk away from the tellers, carrying one of the bank's money bags.
Thompson, 58, followed the man outside, onto the parking lot, and locked the bank door behind him.
Thompson let the robber get to his truck - then Thompson pulled his personal handgun, a Colt .380, and pointed it at the robber's face before he could drive away, he told the Post-Dispatch.
"Sir, get out of the truck," Thompson remembers demanding. "You're not going anywhere."
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In Ma he would be charged with brandishing a weapon, distturbing the peace and depriving a low income person of the fruits of their labor :rolleyes:
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It might be just a .380 but to the shithead it probably looked like an artillery piece. :D
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SICK! .380 is a little on the weak side for offensive operations IMO. I carry a .45, because they don't make a .46.... But, good stuff either way!
I've heard that argument before...

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