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[CLOSED] Pre-Assault Indicators VIDEO

Discussion in 'Patrol' started by Hush, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Hush

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    Good depiction of Pre Assault Indicators, namely the Target Glance in this bodycam video of a suspect who grabbed an officers weapon in booking and was shot. He is staring at that gun waiting for his opening.

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  2. LA Copper

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    What the heck!
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  3. mpd61

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  4. pahapoika

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    Wow !
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  5. kdk240

    kdk240 MassCops Member

    Jesus christ is my 1st reaction. After looking at it x2, the indicators to me were apparent.
    Not mmqb nor criticizing . But cuffed or not weapons should be locked up before taking a prisoner to a secure area. I.e for . booking,b.t. ect as we all know should be done.
    Why this wasn't the case here idk.
    but that's just plain crazy. I feel for those guys.
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  6. LA Copper

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    There's nothing wrong with "Monday Morning Quarterbacking;" in our business it's called debriefing and it's one of the ways we learn. In this video it's made easy for us. My department does it all the time.

    Why is the officer standing with his gun exposed right in front of the suspect's face? And why does he turn his back on him?

    Unless I'm mistaken, it doesn't look like the officer has a retention holster, which as we all know, makes it that much easier for a suspect to remove it. These officers certainly underestimated this guy and here's the result.

    As stated in a previous OIS video, there's always at least one gun at scene. In this case there were multiple.
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  7. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    There's an old saying ,
    All Ordinance is Written in Blood
    Fortunately it was the bad guys blood this time.
  8. 38bigblock

    38bigblock MassCops Member

    I’m sure they have delt with the same type of person 2000 times before. But this time the guy went for his gun.
    Thank. God. None of the officers were shot or worse, killed. We’ve all walked into a cell room / booking area and have taken someone out of the car without locking up our firearm first, by accident. It happens.
    HOPEFULLY after this video it doesn’t happen again. Great training video. The outcome could have been fucking catastrophic had he got that gun, fired at the officers, and been free in that building with the gun. Jeeez.
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  9. RodneyFarva

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    Body cam footage released of West Valley officer-involved shooting during DUI processing
    WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — West Valley City Police released body camera footage on Friday from an officer-involved shooting in the basement of West Valley City Hall last month.

    On August 23, a West Valley City Police officer shot and killed 31-year-old Michael Chad Breinholt during an altercation as he was being arrested and processed for driving under the influence.

    Four officers were in the DUI processing room with Breinholt, and all had their body cameras turned on.

    In the video, Breinholt is seen sitting in a chair with his arms handcuffed behind his back before he takes off his shoe and stands up. An officer then tries to take the shoe and an altercation ensues.
    “ From what I can see from the video, Mr. Breinholt has a firm grip on the gun,” said Chief Colleen Jacobs of West Valley City Police.

    That’s when another officer fires a single shot, killing Breinholt.

    The officer who fired the shot is currently on paid administrative leave.

    Breinholt was originally brought into custody for reportedly being intoxicated and causing problems out of business on Redwood Road that day.

    The investigation has been handed over to the Salt Lake City Police Department.

    From the salt lake city tribune ...
    West Valley City released body camera footage on Friday showing the moments before an officer shot and killed a DUI suspect last month in a jail intake room beneath city hall.

    Video shows that Michael Chad Breinholt, 31, grabbed on to one officer’s gun during a scuffle inside the DUI processing area. Seconds later, he was shot at point-blank range by police. Breinholt was cuffed with his hands behind his back during the confrontation.

    Officers arrested Breinholt around 7 p.m. on Aug. 23, after a woman called police saying he had driven to a business near 2900 South and Redwood. The caller told police he was "causing a ruckus,” according to audio from the 911 call. She was also concerned that he’d been driving while intoxicated.

    Police took Breinholt into custody, and he ended up in the DUI processing area — a small room with a desk, cabinet and seating for an officer and a suspect, in addition to an alcohol breath testing machine and supplies for drug testing.
    Video shows Breinholt sitting in a chair in the intake room. He gets up, tells officers he has a gun in his shoe. An officer tells him to sit back down and says not to worry and that he’ll get the gun.

    The officer doesn’t immediately take Breinholt’s shoe, and Breinholt continues trying to stand.

    “You don’t want to fight with me. You definitely don’t want to fight with this guy," an officer says calmly, indicating another officer in the room. “Just sit your a__ and stay, OK?”

    There is silence for a few moments, and then the officer says, “I’ll tell you what, give me your shoe."
    Breinholt doesn’t want to give up the sneaker, which video shows he’d been reaching for and eventually takes off despite the handcuffs. A tussle between Breinholt and the two officers ensue. One officer grabs the shoe.

    The whole situation seemed fairly routine until one officer realizes what is happening.
    “F_ck — he’s got my gun.” the officer screams. “He’s got my gun!”

    Video shows a third officer rush into the room. The four men struggle. An officer yells, “You’re about to die, my friend."

    A beat later, an officer fires a single shot within inches of the Breinholt’s head. The man can later be seen lying in a pool of blood.

    One officer says, “He’s dead.”
    In all, about six seconds pass from the officers trying to get the man’s shoe to the officer firing, police said in a recorded video statement.

    Police Chief Colleen Jacobs said at a Friday news conference broadcast live by FOX 13 that police who deal with intoxicated people are accustomed to unpredictable behavior.

    “Some people become combative. Some people are very compliant. Some people become passive aggressive. Some people turn into a lump of potatoes and won’t cooperate with anything,” Jacobs said.

    Yet, “to have one escalate to this level is unique to us," she said later.

    Salt Lake City police are investigating the shooting, as the valley-wide officer-involved critical incident protocol mandates.

    Jacobs said because SLCPD is investigating, she doesn’t know if Breinholt really had a gun in his shoe. Normally, she said, police search a suspect before they take them into custody but doesn’t know if that happened in this case.
    She added that officers are trained to respond to someone attempting to disarm them “in an aggressive manner” as a deadly threat.

    According to Utah law, an officer is justified in using deadly force if they believe doing so will prevent the death or serious injury of themselves or others.

    Once SLCPD has finished investigating the shooting, they will turn over the case to the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors will determine whether to file criminal charges against the shooting officer.

    The shooting officer, who has not been identified, has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation. Police have previously described him as a veteran officer.

    Breinholt is at least the eighth person shot by police this year in Utah, and the sixth person to be killed, according to a Salt Lake Tribune database of police shootings. Last year, police in Utah fatally shot 19 people and injured 25.

    He is the third person this August to be killed by Utah police. Jovany Mercado-Bedolla, 26, was killed by Ogden police while wielding a knife outside a house party on Aug. 16, and Riche Santiago, 29, was killed by Salt Lake City police after pointing a gun at them on Aug. 5.
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    Different cam views

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