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This is from a friend in Texas the family is also LEO related.


From: Vicky Field - Granbury, TX.
My son has been shot in Falujah. I wanted to get everyone to pray for my son
Chad. Today, Sunday, I got a call from the Army that my son had been shot in the
head. I am asking for all your prayers.
He was in a Humvee going through Falujah fighting and a gang of militia
fighters fired on the Humvee and hit Chad in the head. The driver got him out of
the city and took him to Baghdad. He was in fatal condition, but now has been
upgraded to stable critical. His dad and I are on standby to fly to Washington
then on to Germany as soon as the military calls us to go. The Army is trying to
stabilize him enough to fly to Germany and at that time we will leave. Please
pray that my son will not have brain damage and that he will be restored and
By the blood of Jesus, and the grace of God.

I ask for you to pass this prayer request on so there will be many prayer
warriors praying for him.

Thank you so much and I will try to keep you updated on his condition.
God Bless
Vicky Field
Granbury, Texas
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