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Here is an excerpt from the annual security report published by Bridgewater State University Police:

“Pursuant to the General Laws of Massachusetts, Chapter 15A, § 22, and Chapter 73, § 18, the Board of Trustees at Bridgewater State University has established the Bridgewater State University Police Department; and the Board has invested the department all the same powers, authority, immunities, and privileges of state and municipal police officers, including but not limited to the power to make arrests, to handle prisoners, and to enforce all traffic laws on streets and highways, throughout the property owned, leased, used, or controlled by the university or of the property owned by the Bridgewater State University Foundation.”

SSPO at state university is more than likely a “ this is what we’ve always done so we’re just going to continue to do it” type deal or just a case of ignorance in regards to the matter. Clearly Bridgewater State isn’t having any problems….

You could REALLY clear things up if you just swore law enforcement under one chapter and section and supplement it with a “ excercise full police authority within the territorial limits of [insert agency] “ or something along those lines but that will never happend in this state.

It’s crazy how all over the place it is when solutions seem so simple.

just my thoughts.
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