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:shock: Should I be afraid to get my wife pregnant or wear my uniform around her after the labor?

Car chase mom to son: Jesus made me flee

by Jules Crittenden
Friday, May 16, 2003
A Malden mom who led police on a high-speed chase with her baby and two other kids in the family minivan was suffering from postpartum depression, her lawyer said yesterday.

Rosalinda Hernandez Brown, 41, was arraigned yesterday on 15 charges, including assault with intent to murder for striking a police officer with her car, child endangerment, leaving several accident scenes and moving violations.

When police caught up with her after she crashed into two cars on Elm Street in Medford, a prosecutor said Brown's 10-year-old son told police, ``My mother said she couldn't stop for the red dots, only the green dots. She said, `Jesus wouldn't let me stop.' ''

Brown's lawyer, Elliot Weinstein, said, ``This is a manifestation of postpartum depression. . . . Whatever episode occurred yesterday has abated. She is calm, rational.''

He would not say whether Brown is on medication but said she had made an appointment to seek help before the incident and is now under the care of doctors. She was released without bail and ordered not to drive. The judge also ordered her to cooperate with the Department of Social Services and not to have any unsupervised contact with her children, who remain at home with Brown and her husband.
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