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PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- The discovery of a woman's body stuffed in a trash bag has police in Philadelphia wondering whether a serial killer is on the loose.

Evelyn Rolon, 43, was the fourth woman found slain - three of them strangled - along a stretch of Kensington Avenue in North Philadelphia in the past six weeks, police said. No arrests have been made.

"We're not saying we have a serial killer on our hands here. But at the same time, we want everyone walking that corridor to be careful," Cpl. Jim Pauley said after Rolon's body was found Sunday. "Detectives are keeping an open mind about the possibility of a connection, but at this point in the investigation, it's too early to tell."

While the three other women were known to police and frequented areas known for prostitution, Rolon, a mother of four, had no arrest record but was known to drink and get into fights.

She was also older than the other victims, and was the only one whose body was found clothed, police said.

"We know she was tough, but she didn't deserve to be dumped in a trash bag, strangled like they did. The person who did this has no heart," Maria Rolon, the victim's 71-year-old mother, said in Spanish.
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