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Possible break in serial murder case

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    Worcester authorities identify ’person of interest’ in prostitute killings

    Photo by Herald staff (File)
    Martha Coakley, shown as Middlesex DA in 2004, holds a photo of slaying victims Dinella Torres, left, and Betaida Montaivo.

    Worcester authorities have identified a “person of interest” in the serial slayings of prostitutes in central Massachusetts over the past two decades.
    The possible breakthrough came when the DNA of a suspected rapist, jailed awaiting trial for a 2007 attack, was matched to a 1996 murder that investigators now believe is linked to the string of Worcester-area hooker slayings, a spokesman for the Worcester District Attorney’s Office said.
    Alex Scensy, 38, of Berlin has only been charged in connection with a sexual attack on a female acquaintance, said spokesman Tim Connolly, but investigators believe he may be linked to the murder of as many as six women, five of whom worked as hookers in the Main South section of Worcester.
    “We now consider him a person of interest,” Connolly said.
    Connolly said Scensy’s DNA sample was taken after he was arrested for the 2007 rape, an alleged crime for which he faces multiple charges. He said that sample was sent to the state police laboratory, where it was compared to the thousands of samples in the state’s CODIS system. He said last week investigators learned Scensy’s DNA was a match for DNA recovered off of evidence in Theresa Stone’s Fitchburg murder.
    Connolly declined to say why investigators think Stone’s murder is linked to the murder of the other women. He would not say whether authorities plan to charge Scensy with any of the killings.
    The first indication there was a serial killer afoot came when the bodies of two women were found on the grounds of a Marlboro boys school in September 2003. The women were identified as Betzaida Montalvo and Carmen Rudy. Both were simliar in a height, weight and appearance, and both also shared an addiction to drugs, which was fed by a life spent on the streets selling sex, family members and authorities have said.
    Six months later and less than a mile away, cops found the remains of Dinella Torres, in a Hudson swamp. Torres also worked the Worcester streets for drugs, and at the time authorities said she bore a striking resemblance to the two women previously unearthed, all of them around 5-feet tall with dark hair.
    By the time a dog walker in York, Maine, discovered Wendy Morello, 40, stuffed in a trash bin in September 2004, investigators had long since determined the deaths were likely the work of the same serial killer. Like the other three women Morello had a police record of drug use and prostitution. In September 2007 a hunter found the remains of Lineida Olivera off Route 122 near Rutland. Olivera like the others was a prostitute in the Main South streets shared by the other victims.


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