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Discussion in 'Maine' started by tsunami, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. tsunami

    tsunami MassCops Member

    Anyone taking the test this Monday or Tuesday?
  2. BostonPS

    BostonPS MassCops Member

    Did you wind up taking the exam ? How did you make out ? I worked for Portland between being a Boston Police Cadet and Patrolman.The pay was low then too, but there's enough up there to keep you in court most days. I found it very cliquey at first coming from Massachusetts, but eventually made some good friends. I would recommend it as a department. In any event, good luck !
  3. HuskyH-2

    HuskyH-2 G-Rap made me do it!

    Necro-Post for the win
  4. tsunami

    tsunami MassCops Member

    I did take the test passed, but then the make you take ALERT test....it was very strange department....so thank god other doors have opened up....besides their play is low
  5. BostonPS

    BostonPS MassCops Member

    It's an unusual department in the east, as it tends to be fairly progressive, but you are right-the pay is low, and I didn't notice the cost of living as being too much less up there than it was in Boston, when I lived there. The thing that I now like about Portland is that it's a small enough department so as to give anyone a chance at a specialized unit. The scuba team wasn't around when I was there in the 70's, but had it been, I would have tried to get there, and who knows- maybe might have stayed up there.
  6. UltraRunner87

    UltraRunner87 New Member

    Thinking of taking the PPD exam in September. It's all in house I wonder if results can be used in liue of the ALERT exam. Pay does appear low with average homes in the area costing $200K. The benefits and education do seem do be a good perk. Don't see often a pension plan or education reimbursement now a day's.

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