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Portland Maine Walmart whacker

Discussion in 'Whacker Central' started by tsunami, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. tsunami

    tsunami MassCops Member

    This guy made my day. I wanted to ask what department... IMAG0457.jpg IMAG0457.jpg

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  2. tsunami

    tsunami MassCops Member

    I took more pictures of this guy. I will upload them

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  3. visible25

    visible25 Supporting Member

    must be a prisoner transport vehicle, what with that car seat and all
  4. RodneyFarva

    RodneyFarva Get off my lawn!

    Well DCF has been stepping it up lately.
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  5. tsunami

    tsunami MassCops Member

    My friend said they have seen him using EBT card at Walmart
  6. districtcircus12

    districtcircus12 MassCops Member

    He used it to buy the car
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