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Portland, Maine Police

Discussion in 'Maine' started by mikehammer, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. mikehammer

    mikehammer MassCops Member

    Anybody have any info on this department? Salary, benefits, moral, etc ....
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Mongo

    Mongo New Member

    Don't know about salary or bennys but it is a squared away agency. Moral seems to be very high and training is right up there. Alot of activity.
  3. HPD104

    HPD104 MassCops Member

    I know a guy who worked there. He went through the academy and worked the streets for a year. During that year, he had to do certain training exercises, and he could not pass one of them so they let him go. Kinda strange they wouldnt do that prior to instead of wasting all the cash. but, he did say it was a great placeto work.
  4. DeputyFife

    DeputyFife Subscribing Member

    Went through the process about 5 yrs. ago and didn't end up taking the gig. Seems very squared away...at the time the pay schedule seemed pretty low, I think it is more acceptable now. The link to the current contract is below:

  5. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    HPD - could you expand on that a bit?
    What kind of exercises were they that your associate was having trouble with?
  6. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    What a shitty contract, I thank god I am a cop in MA.
  7. HPD104

    HPD104 MassCops Member

    From what I gather They have a certain levels of training similar to the cooper standards, as well as other "phases" as he called it that they make you complete, such as knowing the roads, strength, agility. I am not a 100% on this info as he is a boyfriend of my wife's friend, so most info i got has gone through two or three people by the time it gets to me. But i am positive that he could not comlete a few tasks and was let go a day before his probation was over. He now works for a smaller agency in Maine.
  8. mikehammer

    mikehammer MassCops Member

    Thanks for the info ....

    Dep. Fife - Is there any reason why you chose not to take the job ??? Was it the pay ???
    Thanks for finding the link, that answered most of my questions ..
  9. pablo

    pablo New Member

    that contract is awful
  10. pablo

    pablo New Member

    Portland has alo been sued numerous times over use of force issues some they have one,but a couple they lost. That is one of the reasons they get so much training.

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