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Lewisville police said they used GPS technology to locate one of two men wanted in connection with a series of carjackings.

Video: Police Use Cell Phone's GPS To Make Arrest In Carjacking

Police said two armed men stole a Lewisville woman's car, purse and cell phone in an apartment complex parking lot.
"The one that was running towards her started covering his face with his clothing, so at that time, she knew something was up and she immediately went to the ground," Sgt. Kevin Deaver said.

The victim's cell phone was equipped with GPS tracking. With the help of the cell carrier, police tracked the phone south to Dallas and then back to Lewisville.

"It took about seven hours, but the phone did return to Lewisville and was in somewhat of an isolated area to where we could find the person," Deaver said.

Police said they arrested Darren Moody after they found him with the cell phone in his pocket in Sycamore Park.

"The way the technology is getting better, it will enable law enforcement to do things we couldn't do before," Deaver said.

On Monday night, Dallas police found the woman's stolen car.

Police said they believe Moody and his accomplice may be behind as many as three other carjackings. Investigators are still searching for the other man.

"I think we will find him," Deaver said. "We have some leads that we're working on."

Moody, who is in the Denton County jail, was charged with one count of aggravated robbery. Police said he might face additional charges.
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