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Police: Trooper, Driver Injured In OUI Crash

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Police Investigate Mass Pike Incident

Video: Trooper, Others Injured In Crash

BOSTON -- A Massachusetts state trooper suffered serious injuries when his car was rear-ended by an intoxicated driver, state police said.

The accident happened at 9:26 p.m. on Saturday, as two troopers were assisting a disabled vehicle in the left lane of the Massachusetts Turnpike, near exit 17.

The troopers were both inside of their vehicles when a 2007 Jeep Cherokee crashed into one of the police vehicles. The trooper whose car was struck is being treated at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.
The second trooper was not injured in the accident.

The driver of the car, Timothy J. Barletta, 41, of Dedham, was treated at Brigham and Women's Hospital after being injured in the crash.

Police charged Barletta with operating under the influence. Additional charges may be filed against Barletta after an investigation into the crash.
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Re: Police: Trooper, Driver Injured In OUI Crash-

Must be something in the booze these assholes are drinking. Last week a drunk struck one of our cruisers on a detail in downtown sending the Sgt. to the hospital, thankfully with minor injuries. I was going to a call and passing right across the street from it. Needless to say, I stopped and clanked the driver and the passenger as they tried to flee on foot. Driver went for obvious reasons, and the passenger went for Disorderly. Could be the Corona Light in cans that contributed to it:rolleyes:
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