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Police test horse for alcohol

Traffic police in Romania tested a horse for alcohol after the cart it was
pulling hit a man who was sitting on a bench.

The officers, from Lelesti in Gorj county, asked a vet to take a blood test
which turned out positive.

Witnesses told police that the horse "looked out of control" despite its
owners desperate efforts to control it.

Ion Dragan, 56, told police he had just bought the horse from a fair and
was going home.

Police now suspect the horse might have been given alcohol to make it
look stronger and healthier before it was sold.

Ion Iliuta, head of the local veterinary authority, said he was amazed
when police asked him to establish the alcohol concentration in the
horse's blood.

"We never had such a request before. Maybe to see what kind of blood it
is yes, but to find out if the animal was drunk, never."

The 86-year-old victim, who was sitting on a bench outside of his home,
died from his injuries.
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