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FITCHBURG -- A King Street man woke to the sounds of two teenage boys ransacking his home early Saturday morning, according to Fitchburg Police Capt. Philip Kearns.

Police are going to charge the 13-year-old and his alleged 16-year-old accomplice with breaking and entering and larceny of more than $250, Kearns said.
The victim was asleep in his bed with his wife when he was startled awake by sounds coming from the adjacent room, Kearns said.
The man found the teens going through the apartment and convinced them to stop, Kearns said.
"They were sitting at the kitchen table when officers arrived," Kearns said.
Officers found a computer, jewelry and other items from the house in the 16-year-old's car parked out on the street, Kearns said. The teens spent the weekend in a juvenile detention facility in Worcester and will be charged in Fitchburg Juvenile Court, Kearns said.
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