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Police: Teens Beat Neighbor to Death for Xbox

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KENOSHA, Wis. - Two Kenosha boys of ages 14 and 15 are accused of beating an adult neighbor to death during a burglary that targeted a computer game device, among other items.

"It's pathetic," Police Chief John Morrissey said. "How can a 15-year-old and a 14-year-old boy murder somebody over an Xbox?"
Others could also be charged in the death of Capri Walker, 51, who was found dead at her Kenosha home about 6:30 a.m. Sunday, the chief said Wednesday.
Police have recommended charges of first-degree intentional homicide, carrying a life prison term. Under state law, juveniles can face adult charges in homicide cases.
"There is still an active investigation going on," Morrissey said. "We believe we have recovered the murder weapon. It appears at this time that it was a burglary, and Ms. Walker interrupted that burglary and was murdered."
Detectives had worked nearly nonstop on the case since Walker's boyfriend called 911 early Sunday reporting he had found her dead.
Morrissey said a caller to the Crime Stoppers tip line provided information about the two boys, leading to the arrests.
Police reported recovering many of the items taken in the burglary, including an Xbox, some coins, jewelry and Walker's purse and cell phone.
"It's just a tragic event," the chief said. "It's just frustrating and mind-boggling that these two young individuals would murder Ms. Walker. They were neighbors. It's a tragic, tragic ending for her. And we're just baffled why anybody would murder somebody over a property crime."

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