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Police targeting her car

A Cincinnati woman says she has been pulled over repeatedly because police believe her car is connected to a wanted criminal.

Rashawn Edwards said she has been pulled over six times since June -- despite not breaking any traffic laws -- because new license plate recognition cameras used by Cincinnati police run her vehicle registration or identification number and tell cops the car is tied to a wanted Cleveland criminal Edwards says she doesn't know, WLWT-TV in Cincinnati reported Wednesday.
"I've been pulled over by just about every police district there is in Cincinnati," she said.
Edwards said each time she is pulled over, police approach the car cautiously.
"It's not guns drawn, but they are kind of intimidated, so they tell us, 'Don't move, stay in the car,'" she said.
She said her complaints to the police department and Alfred Motors, which is leasing her car, have failed to yield any results.
"I would like to keep the car, but at the same time I would like something to be done about it," she said. "I'm tired of being pulled over every time I drive my car."
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