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Danielle Bremner.

A notorious international graffiti queen - accused of tagging trains and buildings from Chicago to New York to the capitals of Europe - will be hauled to the Hub to face charges she caused millions in damages to Back Bay brownstones, the Herald has learned.
Danielle Bremner, a 26-year-old former New York art student, is facing roughly 40 counts of graffiti vandalism in Boston Municipal Court - each carrying up to two years in jail or $1,500 in fines.
The Boston Police Fugitive Apprehension Unit is currently preparing to travel to New York to take custody of Bremner.
"You can't just come to Boston, tag and run off," said BPD Detective Bill Kelley. "We'll come and get you."
It's been more than two years since Boston police first busted Bremner scurrying from train tracks near the Massachusetts Turnpike in Allston with Jim Clay Harper, 23, her boyfriend and alleged accomplice.
The duo - often called the Bonnie and Clyde of tagging - were clad in dark, paint-spattered clothes and gloves, spray cans jingling away in backpacks, an array of nozzles in their pockets. The squiggly bubble letters Bremner left behind would become all too familiar: "Utah."
It's a tag authorities say has turned up in Pittsburgh, Toronto, Frankfurt, Paris and Madrid.
Bremner pleaded guilty in Brighton Court and got probation.
Yet Kelley says Bremner is the "premier member" of the infamous crew "Dirty 30," a global graffiti ring that ranks members based on their level of daring.
Authorities in Chicago finally caught Bremner last month getting off a plane at O'Hare International Airport. She was extradited to New York to face a slew of felony vandalism charges there.
"They say that the difference between graffiti and art is permission," Kelley said of the graffiti subculture philosophy. "But there's really no artistic purpose behind it. It's almost like a thrill-seeking, anti-authority thing."
Cops say Bremner's tag war with alleged Bay State vandal Adam "Spek" Brandt defaced buildings from Boston to Salem.
But Bremner's spraying spree in the Back Bay was where she met her fiercest foe - graffiti buster Anne Swanson of the Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay.
One day two years ago, Swanson, 62, caught a glimpse of Utah's handiwork in a commercial alleyway. "The graffiti was so deafening," she said. "It's like visual noise - just screaming at you."
Enraged, Swanson began to photograph and document the dozens of tags left by "Utah" and other career vandals - accumulating a thick book of research that would help investigators secure the charges against her.
With Swanson's help, Kelley and MBTA Transit Police Lt. Nancy O'Loughlin launched a joint investigation with the Salem police and other agencies to snare Bremner and Brandt in December 2007. Swanson said she's puzzled by Bremner.

Said Swanson: "What is the glory of tagging a Dumpster?"!_you_re_it!:_Alleged_graffiti_vandal_nabbed/

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Graffiti vandal suspect slapped with $10,000 bail tag

Photo by Ted Fitzgerald

'PURE EGO': Danielle Bremner, 26, a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, was held on $10,000 bail yesterday and charged with 33 counts of tagging Back Bay buildings, above.

A globe-trotting graffiti goon accused of desecrating historic Back Bay with her artistic upchuck was held on $10,000 cash bail yesterday after several of her victims painted a picture of solidarity by standing up in court.
"We want every community to push back and clean up," Anne Swanson, co-chairman of The Graffiti NABBers, told the Herald. NABB stands for Neighborhood Association of Back Bay.
The terrorist taggers the city and private citizens mop up after are "young people who think it's a cool thing to do and just don't think about the rest of us. They have no developed social conscience," said Swanson, who has a degree in fine art.
Graffiti, she said, "has nothing to do with art. It's pure ego."
Danielle Bremner, 26 - a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, whose mother is a high school teacher and whose father is a retired Big Apple cop - pleaded not guilty in Boston Municipal Court to 33 counts of tagging.
The pale, lank-haired woman who signs her work "Utah" has been a fugitive from prosecution in Boston since May 2007. Bremner faces similar charges in East Boston, Quincy and her native New York. She was captured in August at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport returning from a summer spent backpacking across Europe with friends.
Prosecutor Patrick Driscoll Jr. said Bremner is to blame for "tens of thousands of dollars" in damages to Back Bay buildings, much of which was documented in photographs by Swanson and presented to Judge Annette Forde.
Bremner's attorney, William Keefe, told Forde his client has little reason to flee.
"The probable disposition in this case is going to be a lengthy suspended sentence," he predicted.
But Jake Wark, spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley, told the Herald, "Graffiti in any neighborhood contributes to a climate of lawlessness, and that's a climate we won't tolerate."
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