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Police step up patrols in parking lots
By Jennifer Cunningham
Published: Thursday, March 3, 2005
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Media Credit: Tom Kilduff
BSC Police warn motorists to keep their cars locked due to the increase in automobile break-ins on campus parking lots.

The Bridgewater State College Police have increased the number of officers on duty in order to patrol the campus parking lots more frequently. This is due to a string of 13 vehicle break-ins on the past two Fridays in the Lower Great Hill, Spring Street and Hooper Street lots.

A safety alert bulletin was issued on February 22 warning students to lock their cars and report any suspicious activity to the BSC Police. Chief of Police, David Tillinghast said, "The breaks are definitely related. It appears that the thieves are targeting expensive stereo and in-car video equipment, often in Hondas."

Tillinghast said that they are pursuing "several investigative leads," but no one has come forward yet with any information.

According to Tillinghast, the thieves may have entered the locked cars using a "slim Jim" tool; however, several of the cars were unlocked. He also noted that, "it appears that they are lying down on the passenger seat in order to avoid detection."

Any one with information about these incidents is encourage contacting the BSC Police Detective Division at 508.531.1212.

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I hope when they catch em, they accidently catch their fingers in the car door! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!
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