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AYER (WBZ) ― A 2001 Chevy Impala comes speeding down the road, 40 miles per hour. Before it reaches the intersection, a 1993 Ford Focus wagon pulls out directly in its path. Instead of swerving to avoid each other, the two cars collide…on purpose.

Sounds like a scene from a Hollywood movie, but it's actually a carefully planned collision at the Massachusetts State Police training center in Ayer.

It's sponsored by the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association to help them prosecute car crash cases in court.

"Everyone together realizes it is critical to identify an accident just as much as it is critical to identify who's at fault when an accident occurs," said Andrea Nardone of the Massachusetts District Attorney's Association.

The district attorneys get the chance to see the crash investigation up close, and ask questions of troopers. Tricia Gould is a prosecutor in the Middlesex DA's office. She says sometimes the trooper's testimony in court can be very complicated. Seeing this first hand can help her prepare for the testimony. "If you can have them show you what they apply numbers to you can ask the right questions make it very simple then argue it to the jury. "

One car in the crash was unmanned, but the other was driven by professional driver Rusty Haight. This was his 880th crash. He takes pride in the fact he's helping law enforcement. "Accident investigation is the cornerstone of traffic safety and these guys getting to see this first hand and actually seeing what happens puts them light years ahead of other folks."

Each accident is a puzzle. Today prosecutors got another tool to help them put the pieces together.
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