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MARTINEZ, Calif. (AP) -- Police in the San Francisco Bay area say three people including a police officer are dead after a reported domestic disturbance at a hair salon turned into a gun fight.

Contra Costa County police say they responded to the disturbance call at Elegant Hair Designs in Martinez Saturday morning, while the salon was full of customers, including a bridal party. Witnesses say the gunman broke the front window with his gun, stormed in and demanded to see the shop's owner.

When police arrived, the gunman, who said he was looking for his ex-wife, ran into an apartment complex behind the salon.

Police say shots erupted inside an apartment and a police sergeant and a woman were killed. Police fatally shot the gunman. Martinez's police chief says the sergeant who was killed was a "friend and a true leader" in the department.

Police have not identified the gunman and woman.
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