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Police seek man who assaulted woman in Medford

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BOSTON -- Police are asking the public's help in identifying a man who allegedly assaulted a woman in Medford.
The incident happened on Monday on Middlesex Avenue, near Wellington Circle.
According to reports, a man approached the woman around 2 a.m., as she was taking her trash out, and asked her for directions to the Wellington MBTA station.
The suspect the reportedly brandished a gun and told the woman to go into the house.
The woman was able to secure the door to the house from outside, not allowing the suspect to enter the home. She told police that a brief struggle ensued.
She told police that she hit the suspect with her keys and kicked him before he struck her. The suspect then fled on foot.
The suspect is described as a light skinned Hispanic male, approximately 24-years-old, 5 feet 9 inches tall with a medium build.
Police are investigating.
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