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Police Seek Armed Man Claiming To Be State Trooper

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    MANCHESTER, N.H. -- Police are seeking the public's help in finding an armed man who they said walked into an emergency room on Thursday night, claiming to be an injured state trooper. Manchester police said surveillance video recorded the man, who had a gun in a holster, a bulletproof vest and a Massachusetts State Police T-shirt on, walking into the emergency room at Elliot Hospital shortly after 5 p.m. "What was unusual about this man (was) he claimed to be a Massachusetts State Police officer en route back to Massachusetts after conducting a prisoner transport. He stated he had been injured and requested to see a doctor," said Lt. Maureen Tessier, of the Manchester Police Department. Police said the man told hospital personnel that he suffered a rib injury while transporting a prisoner to the state prison and was stopping at the emergency room on his way back to the state police barracks in Massachusetts. "He was not wearing a full uniform, but he was wearing clothing and carried equipment that would indicate he might be a police officer, and he certainly verbally identified himself as a police officer," Tessier said.

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    did he swipe a badge from Quincy YMCA???

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