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WINDHAM, N.H. -- Police are warning of an unidentified man who has made sexual advances on women in recent weeks.
The first reported incident happened weeks ago at Windham Pilate's studio. The man innocently claimed he had an injury and asked the instructor to show him stretches and then made a sexual advance.
Police received two more similar complaints last Thursday about a man with the same description.
A female employee at Yoga Sanctuary reported that a man asked for information on a massage and while she demonstrated, he took hold of her foot and placed it on his groin.
Another woman reported being approached by a man in the parking lot at 25 Indian Rock Rd.
He told her he was a karate instructor in the process of opening a studio down the street and offered to show her a karate move. He took hold of her foot and placed it on his groin in the same way reported by the woman at Yoga Sanctuary.
Both women described the suspect as being a white male between 20-30, medium build, with short blonde hair that is cut in a military/crew cut style. He was wearing a white tee shirt, brown khaki pants, and black shoes.
Anyone with any information on this suspect is urged to call the Windham Police at 434-5577 or the Southern New Hampshire Crime Line at 893-6600 or 1-800-498-4040.

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Alleged Foot Pervert Caught In NH

WINDHAM, N.H. (CBS) ― Police in New Hampshire say they have captured the foot fetish bandit who has been assaulting local women at fitness centers, CBS station WBZ-TV in Boston reports.

Eric Henson, 31 of Hudson, is charged with assaulting three women in Windham in recent weeks. In each case police say he approached a woman and asked for assistance with an exercise move or massage technique. He then grabbed their foot and put it on his groin.

Once the case went public, Windham police say they received several anonymous tips identifying Henson as a possible suspect.

Police say once they interviewed Henson he admitted to assaulting as many as 18 women.

In addition to the three cases in Windham, police received calls from at least six women in towns in Southern New Hampshire and Massachusetts reporting foot fetish assaults. Henson is charged only in the Windham cases.

Police tell WBZ that Henson only recently moved to Hudson. He previously lived in Wakefield, Mass., where at least one woman reported to police that she was assaulted. They also received reports from Worcester and Salem and Merrimack, N.H.

Police say Eric Henson, 31, admitted to assaulting as many as 18 women
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