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Police search for man involved in armed robbery

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BILLERICA, Mass. -- Police are searching for a man accused of attempted armed robbery.
Police said three men with semi-automatic handguns entered the Morgan Roofing Company on Billerica Avenue early Friday morning.
Employees chased the men out of the building.

Police caught two of the suspects and they are still looking for a third who ran into the woods.

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LLERICA -- An early-morning armed robbery at a Billerica roofing company Friday prompted police to call in a regional SWAT Team, a helicopter and police dogs, and it seems the firm response paid off.
Last night, police said they think everyone involved in the heist at Morgan Construction, 86 Billerica Ave., is in custody, and that all of the stolen cash has been recovered.
The robbery occurred about 6 a.m. when two masked men entered the company's office, pointed guns at company owner Larry Morgan and demanded money on the very day Morgan had his payroll cash on hand.
Morgan and two employees gave chase as the robbers fled, spooking alleged getaway driver Hector Oquendo, 20, of 257 Moody St., Unit C, Lowell, who drove off without his pals and got arrested a short time later.
Billerica police were left with the prospect of two armed men at loose in their town, so they called in a SWAT Team from the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council, a state police helicopter, and dogs.
The search conducted by those units led to Samuel Nieves, 30, who lives with Oquendo, about 9 a.m., police said.
Oquendo and Nieves were both charged with armed robbery while masked.
A third suspect, who initially eluded the massive manhunt, was tracked down in Lowell a little after 11 p.m. Friday.
Ernesto Garcia, 26, who has no known address but is believed to be from Lowell, was the last man arrested. Because police say he had a semi-automatic

handgun when he was caught, Garcia will face the most serious charges. Frost said Garcia was charged with armed robbery while masked and being a felon in possession of a firearm.
State CORI laws prohibit Frost from saying what Garcia's previous felony conviction was. It appears in arrest logs from The Sun, however, that Garcia previously faced felony assault and breaking and entering charges in Lowell. It was not immediately clear if he was convicted in those cases, though.
Frost said all three men were being held pending arraignment tomorrow in Lowell District Court.
Though police continue to investigate whether, and possibly how, the men knew Morgan would have cash on hand Friday morning, Frost said investigators believe everyone involved in the heist is behind bars.
"We believe we recovered all the cash that was stolen," Frost said. "We believe we have all the people involved in custody."
The amount of cash was undisclosed.
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