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Investigators Say Items Have High Street Value

SALEM, N.H. -- A man has been caught on surveillance video taking hundreds of dollars worth of goods from supermarkets in Salem and Windham, police said.

Police Believe Man Stole From Several Stores

Police said the man filled shopping carts with several items, including baby formula and energy drinks. On each occasion, he was caught on surveillance video, police said.

Salem police said the man took baby formula, shrimp and Red Bull drinks from a Shaw's supermarket in Salem on Sunday.
"On the video surveillance, you see him enter the store with an empty carriage," said Salem Capt. Shawn Patten. "You can see him clearing out the baby formula shelf. Then you see him going past customer service where the entrance is and then exiting the store with a full carriage."
Police said they believe the same man tried a similar theft earlier in the week at the Shaw's in Windham. On Thursday, he filled his cart twice with the same items but never got out of the store, police said.
"They didn't realize it the first time, but they found a carriage of the alleged items in the produce area," said Windham Sgt. Michael Caron. "They believe he was probably spooked by an employee, possibly a manager. The second time, he was seen by one of the managers again, and they found a cart in one of the aisles. They think he was probably spooked by one of the managers again."
Police said they believe the value of items in each of the carriages was somewhere between $400 and $600. They said the items have value on the street.
"The baby formula and the Red Bull is sold on the street or sold to smaller independent stores to be sold on their shelves, or they're taken to the flea markets and sold there," Caron said.
Anyone with information about the case was asked to call the Southern New Hampshire Crimeline at 800-498-4040.
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