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By Paul Crocetti/Daily News staff
MetroWest Daily News
Posted Nov 08, 2008 @ 12:32 AM

Working undercover, a rookie cop fresh from the academy, helped nab 20 people on drug charges in an operation involving three police departments.
During the investigation, one suspect threatened to kill Officer Soren Levenson if she found out he was a police officer, said Marlborough Detective Lt. Robert Jusseaume.
Levenson remained calm during those tense moments, he said. Another suspect, displayed knives to intimidate him, he said.
Sorenson was occasionally in tight spots, but a surveillance team was always nearby for backup, the lieutenant said. If a situation becomes threatening, the team moves in, he said. That was not necessary in this case, he said.
Police try to take the advantage of a fresh face in such undercover operations, Jusseaume said.
"We use it as an effort to try to control drug activity in town," Jusseaume said.
Working in teams, 15 to 20 police officers from Marlborough, Hudson and Sudbury took part in searches and arrests Thursday night, he said. Officers from those towns, Hudson and other departments took part in the investigation which kicked off a few months ago.
The arrests were made without incident. Several people heard about the operation and turned themselves in at the police station, Jusseaume said.
On Broad Street, the rear window of a police car was shattered Thursday, he said. Police have a suspect, but have not charged him yet, he said.
Police identified 36 people they say dealt drugs in the Marlborough area. Nineteen of them were arraigned yesterday in Marlborough District Court on charges including distributing either marijuana and cocaine, or both, and conspiracy. Some were charged with dealing or possessing drugs near a school.
The recent arrest of two Hudson brothers grew out of the same investigation, Jusseaume said.
A 16-year-old was among those caught up in the sweep, police said.
Some of the suspects arraigned yesterday appeared in handcuffs, while others had posted bail.
Those charged include: Jonny A. Alvarez, 26, of 479 Lincoln St., Marlborough; Anthony J. Caira, 44, of 1 Allen Court, Marlborough; Sandra Cochran, 49, of 83 East Main St., Marlborough, (Cochran was also charged with intimidation of a witness and threatening to commit a crime); Ronald Deleon, 24, of 136 Bolton St., Marlborough; John M. DeRosa, 25, of 147 Chestnut St., Marlborough; Maryann Gatewood, 53, of 547 Boston Post Road, Marlborough; Ramone Gatewood, 32, of 547 Boston Post Road, Marlborough; Wilson Goncalves, 23, of 39 Newton St., Marlborough; Joseph D. Heim, 20, of 54 Linda Circle, Marlborough; Tyson Hight, 20, of 24 Lancaster St., Northborough; Anne K. Hunter, 24, of 329 Bigelow St., Marlborough; Adolfo Maldonado Juarez, of 72 Devens St., Marlborough; William R. Lee, 53, of 8 Cotting Ave., Marlborough; Rafael Alberto Lopez, 25, of 342 Lincoln St., Marlborough; Oscar Marrero-Ortiz, 37, of 276 Main St., Marlborough; Jorge Pinto, 29, of 85 Broad St., Marlborough; Tania M. Rosado, 23, of 499 Lincoln St., Marlborough; Edvin Santos, 29, of 85 Broad St., Marlborough; and James Tomas Walsh, 26, of 70 Perkins St., Somerville.
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